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Here's the low down on our North American based staff:

Peter Askin    Vice President North America
Year Joined: 1993

Peter Askin
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Having lived in Chicago since 1987 you wouldn't imagine I still think of myself as a Kiwi but yes I do. Im still fiercely loyal to all things New Zealand except for the odd glass of Aussie Shiraz. I have spent all my working life in the travel industry with a mixture of airline and retail travel experience but it wasn't until I moved to the USA and started to promote the South Pacific that I really got a full understanding of what a great industry this is. To be able to sell the most incredibly stunning destinations on this planet with New Zealand Australia and Fiji is not such a tough life. Rugby and cricket will always be my passion but now with a wife and 3 boys who are all sports mad my interests include baseball (oddly enough a White Sox and Cubs fan) and Ice Hockey and the Chicago Bears. Life wouldn't be complete with out a deck and a barbeque and as the cook in this family you will almost always find me there after work. Even in the coldest of our Chicago winters NZ lamb can be seen cooking on my grill. That's me in the middle with Martin Horgan and David Armour at David's wedding.