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Here's the low down on our New Zealand based staff:

Tim Reid    General Manager & Director
Year Joined: 2000

Tim Reid
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The travel industry has been in my blood since day one with my father carting Mum and my two brothers around New Zealand in his time with Newman’s Tours. Even though I discovered the beauty of FOC’s from an early age, I swore I would not follow in Dad’s footsteps. Well, after 11 years in the inbound tour industry, there are no regrets!

After a brief stint in 1997/98 working in the UK selling New Zealand and drinking far too many pints, I took up my first full time job with Thomas Cook Inbound based in Auckland. Thomas Cook Inbound was soon after purchased by Southern World (1999/2000) and to Southern World’s credit, myself, Ian, Swallow, Nong and Christina are all still working here after 10 years. In 2001 I was given the opportunity to run the Auckland office for Southern World, where Swallow and I have built a great team of committed and passionate staff who know there stuff!

I have a real passion for New Zealand as a destination and it is a real joy to be involved with an industry where I can share my experience with those visiting our shores. We all travel extensively throughout New Zealand keeping up to speed with all the great product on offer, with the Nelson/Marlborough and Coromandel Peninsula regions being my favourite destinations.

To my Mum’s delight, I got married to the beautiful Sharon in 2006 at Mills Reef Winery in Tauranga. We didn’t mess around and Josh was born in March 2007 and there will be more Reid’s to come!

My hobbies include getting away to remote destinations, fishing (both salt water and fly fishing), all sports and home DIY projects.