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Daniel Vakadranu    Customer Services
Year Joined: 1999

Daniel Vakadranu
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Bula!! That’s me on the far left, next is Hudson Mitchell – Director of Sales/Marketing (Namale) and Akata from our office. This picture was taken during our famil to Namale Island Resort, on March 14th 09. We were hosted and treated like V.V.V.I.P’s…

Well as for myself…I'd like to think of myself as a simple person...''life is too short 4 complication''.... and as simple as i am, so I’m not that hard to make friends if any of you out their, who has the time to read this.... "SIMPLE IS WHO I'AM".

I’m an outdoor person and I love sports, which ranges from rugby, volleyball, basketball, baseball and heaps more…you name it, I’m there!!
Volleyball is the sport that I’ve excelled in, which has taken me to greater heights…and that’s representing my beloved country – FIJI. It has given me the chance to travel to other countries like New Zealand in 2002 and Samoa in 2007, was suppose to travel to Tonga in 2008, but couldn’t go because of work commitments. Meanwhile I’ve hung my shoes from playing nationally, but I’m still involved in volleyball to date. I’m currently an Executive member of Fiji Volleyball Federation and also the Manager for Fiji National Beach Volleyball Team.

Well as for the business side of things, I love visiting hotels, resorts, island resorts around the country…. taking groups or individual clients on tours…showing them what Fiji’s has to offer….
I would say one of the best resorts visited so far would be Namale Island Resort….

As for leisure I like to spend time in the company of good friends and family…. maybe sharing a bowl of kava (traditional Fijian drink) or just unwinding to a few local beers…Fiji Gold…or a bottle of Fiji Bounty Rum!!

When it comes to food, just like any other Pacific Islander…We LOVE our food, so as for me… fish and local seafood tops the list….not forgetting our traditional “LOVO”

Finally to round things off…. Nothing beats the hot sun, crystal clear sky, warm breeze, sapphire blue waters, swaging palm trees and the friendliness of it’s people…and that’s “FIJI”…. My home and my favorite place in the world…