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Larissa McLean    FIT Manager
Year Joined: 2002

Larissa McLean
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Sydney is home to me - I've been here (on and off) for 34 years now.  I have been in the travel industry for about 16 years and with Southern World Australia for about 9 years.  I love travelling and have lived and worked in sunny Scotland for 2 years whilst exploring Europe.  However nothing beats travelling in Australia and it’s something I am passionate about!  There’s so much to experience - I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some of the best lodges and resorts in Australia from Lizard Island to Southern Ocean Lodge which are truly beautiful.  At the other end of the spectrum, I’m equally as happy with some friends, a boat, a BBQ and a tent in a nature reserve along the beautiful NSW coast. I love watching all sports, but these days I prefer to cheer mostly from the sidelines (or the confines of a cozy pub) rather than play.  Although I do wield a mean forehand on the tennis court once a week (my tennis partner might beg to differ!)