Independent Travellers (FIT)

Many travellers chose to travel independently and not with an organized group of people. However they still wish to ensure their vacation is as trouble-free as possible and for that reason they employ the services of their travel agent. Let us take care of your clients for their travel to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Our Portfolio of FIT product includes

Specially Designed Itineraries:
We are here to work with you to ensure your client's expectations are fully met by designing a special itinerary that will reflect their interests, accommodation and transport preferences, sightseeing, and other activities. Special attention is made to any particular interest your client may have, be it an adventure activity, heritage and cultural interest, exploration of our wonderful wine and cuisine regions, or any other activity or visit that they may wish to include in their vacation. 

Example itineraries:
Spanish Markets - Set Departures - Australia Itinerary 2012-13

Independent Coach Holidays:
The no hassle holiday. Explore in comfort on an Independent Coach Holiday. Sit back and relax whilst soaking up captivating scenery and learning the innermost secrets of our cosmopolitan people and lifestyle. Our selection of coach holidays provides superior comfort and service with daily departures. The modern luxury coaches have large panoramic windows, comfortable seats, air conditioning and a washroom. Hotel pick-ups and drop-offs are always included and each tour features regular photo and refreshment stops.

Self Drive:
Self-drive Holidays give your clients the freedom to discover New Zealand's, Australia's or Fiji's dramatic and ever changing scenery in your own time. Nothing beats the uplifting feeling of freedom as you roam the land, discovering new friends and spectacular beauty around every corner. Our self-drive packages include rental car and your choice of hotel or apartment accommodation.

For the truly independent - what better way to explore the great outdoors than with the freedom and convenience of transport and accommodation all in one? Travel when you like, at your own pace - all in the comfort of your home away from home. n.b. - Motorhomes are not yet available in Fiji - but watch this space!

Rail Journeys:
Rail is a relaxing and spectacular way to experience a slice of New Zealand or Australian life. Travel at a leisurely and relaxing pace through country you'll never reach by road - over towering viaducts, vast Australian deserts, through spectacular gorges and into hidden valleys. Sample the on-board buffet car and bar services, while expert commentary gives you inside knowledge about the scenery, local heritage and lifestyle. Each Southern World long distance Rail Journey has its own scenic highlights to give you an experience like no other.

Guided Walks:
New Zealand's walking tracks are an experience of a lifetime. Our Collection of Guided Walks allows anyone with a reasonable level of fitness to venture into the great outdoors. Friendly, knowledgeable guides take you on a journey of discovery through unforgettable moments of wilderness and wildlife. Each day provides wonder and awe, each evening presents comfort and rewards. Each Guided Walk offers a unique insight into the natural treasures of New Zealand; all will leave a lasting impression on mind, body and soul.

Beach Vacations:
Fiji and Australia particularly, offer some of the best beach holidays you'll ever experience. Miles of unspoiled golden beaches and radiant sunsets set the background for a variety of accommodation options that vary from 'party islands' to luxurious 6 star resorts that offer an experience you'll never forget. There is just no better way to relax than on a Southern World Beach Vacation! 

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